1、What is the guarantee for our products?

We guarantee the highest quality inks and banner material.

The printing accuracy can reach 1400DPI with high degree of clarity and accuracy. Our products are good outdoor banner products which are scratch resistance, sunscreen, waterproof, windproof.

2、How durable are our signs?

Our outdoor banner can be used 3-5 years in the normal environment (specific time depends on different region and environment).

3、What other sizes can we do?

We accept any sizes of the design, if you have special requirements, please contact our salesman.

4、How many colors can we print?

We print in full digital color, so use as many colors as you like.

5、Will the color of my artwork on my computer screen appear the same in print?

The end print result may vary from what you seen on your screen due to different monitor calibrations. Some colors may not exactly match the colors shown on your computer screen.

6、Whether we can print special specification product or not?

We can print any planar special product, but we can’t print the products of spherical and curved surfaces.


1、How do I place an order?

Placing an order is easy.

① Select the product, and contact our sales to tell more details about requirements.

② We will quote for you and send our template for you to do the artwork.

③ You can send through the artwork if you like to place an order.

④ After we receive your artwork, we will send to our designer to check whether it’s fine to print or not. And we will send the artwork to you for approval.

⑤ After we confirm the artwork and order, We will issue the invoice for you to do 50% deposit.

⑥ After we receive the 50% deposit, we will start to print.

⑦ After we finish the job, we need to balance prior to delivery. It will take about 3-5 business days.

2、Where can you check your order status?

You can contact our sales to check how is your order going(say has been printed, has been dispatched yet,etc.);

You can timely contact us if you have any modification or design requirements before the order is processed .

3、How to get your invoice?

Don’t worry about that. You will get the invoice once you confirm the order and artwork.

4、Why you didn’t receive an order confirmation email?

Please make sure you set the email as a preferred contact. You may also check your spam filter settings.

5、Can you make a correction to my artwork after it has been placed?

Since we are a fast turnaround printing company, artwork is transmitted to our production staff immediately after it has been uploaded. Artwork can only be replaced or corrected if has not already gone into production. You may contact our customer service team to check if changing your artwork is possible or not.

6、How can you cancellation an order?

You may cancel your order at any time before it enters into production. Refunds usually take 3-5 business days to credit to your account. Please contact us before you cancel your order to make sure that it hasn’t been put into production yet.


1、What is our turnaround time?

We specialize in fast turnaround times. You can have your print completed in as fast as one business day for most of our products. Other products have up to a 3 day turnaround.

We will let you choose how fast you would like to receive your banner by selecting your preferred shipping method. While we guarantee fast production turnaround, we are not responsible for delays in transit caused by Courier or acts of nature.

2、Can you rush an order?

Yes, of course. Please contact us for more details.

3、Your product arrived damage or defected, what should you do?

We would never want anyone to receive a faulty product. If your product arrived damaged or defective please contact us and a customer service representative will assist you.


1、What file types do we accept?

We accept PDF, JPEG. For PDFs, ensure your files are flattened and fonts are outlined.

PDF is the best choice for us to print. If you are not sure in how to do this, please seek assistance from our sales.

2、Do we offer design service?

We provide the corresponding design services. And you can also submitted your design ideas and requirements to us through the customer service staff.

3、Where can you find high quality images?

You may find high quality images at stock photo websites such as fotolia.com or istockphoto.com. You can also use search engines such as Google, but please aware most images of the internet are low resolution and are not intended for licensed printing.

4、How can we tell if your image is good?

You can evaluate your image quality by using such programs as adobe acrobat reader. Be sure to view your image at 100% Actual Size. We are not responsible for prints that contain low resolution artwork.

5、What can we do to ensure the best quality print?

To ensure best quality of your print, please use high resolution image files or vector artwork that are created by a graphics professional. For vector files please save it as EPS or PDF to retain sharp lines suitable for large printing.


1、What payment methods we accept?

We accept bank transfers, cheques and credit cards.

2、What is our refund policy?

It is our goal to print the highest quality products for you. If we made a mistake, please contact us and we will make it right.


Coloursigns is a professional vinyl banner printing company.

We Prints Vinyl Banners and Custom Vinyl Banners with High Quality.

We are located in Sydney and service all around Australia.