Our Vinyl Banners

Our Vinyl Banners are perfect for advertising your events & sales! We print banners in full colour and can finish them with eyelets, ropes, rod pockets, velcro or keder edging for you to hang them up.

Our Vinyl Banners

Our Vinyl Banners

Our Vinyl Banners

– Material : Vinyl

– Color : Full color printing vinyl banner

– Size : Custom Size

– Printing : CMYK Digital Printing

– Lifetime : 1 – 5 years according to different ink

– Resolution : Max 720 x 1440 DPI

– Discount: AU$15/m²

Our Vinyl Banners Features

Full color printing

hemmed with grommets


Tear resistant


fade resistant

large format available

temperature resistance -30~70℃

easily install

Check our banner processing technology: http://www.aucolorsigns.com/blog/our-vinyl-banners-processing/

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